FACTRAX (Fixed Assets Computerized Tracker) is an application that used to facilitate a company to looking for their assets, and also can used to monitor the existence of assets by computerized.
Using FACTRAX a company can also efficiency time and manpower when do the reconciliation between the physical data assets with asset data in the system, which can minimize human error.

Common Features

  • - Master Assets :
    1. Barcode
    2. Serial Number
    3. Assets Name
    4. Building, Floor, Room
    5. Condition and Available of Assets
  • - Assets Tracking :
    1. Asset allocation to a apecific location
    2. Create a unique number each asset
    3. Barcode printing and space assets
    4. Download assets from the server
    5. Upload data from server
  • - Borrowing of Assets
  • - Merger / Separation of Assets
  • - Movement of Asset :
    1. Move Location
    2. Move Users
    3. Move the department in charge
  • - Export Data to Excel : Can print the data using excel format (xls), making it easier for the user in making the report.
  • - Import Data from Excel : Can enter data into the server using excel format (xls), making it easier for users to enter data.
  • - Integration Data : Can integrate data directly with other systems such as ERP.