ORLANSOFT is a solution that provides a unified picture in a single software system that integrates and optimizes business processes, and delivers business information across entities and sites.
ORLANSOFT is designed from the ground up to support core business processes. Some of the processes may be found in almost all line of business (such as Purchasing, Sales, AR Control, Centralized or Decentralized Account Payable and Cash Management, Fixed Assets Monitoring and General Ledger), while features like comprehensive Inventory Control is best associated with trading or distribution companies.

Common Features

    Orlansoft multi-currency capabilities give you the flexibility to perform transactions in any currency with managed conversion rate. Global enterprises can conduct business in the required currency of transactions and generate consolidated reports in dual home currency (base currency and company management currency)
    Orlansoft Approval Set is available in each transaction types in all modules. It enables you to assign approvers to a transaction according to its value, while preventing unapproved transactions to be processed into the next steps.
    Orlansoft makes it possible for users to develop their own reports and alerts
    Orlansoft Tax Management features comprehensive compliance to Indonesian tax regulations (VAT & Withholding tax).